domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

DoTA v6.77 AI 1.1.7 Fun 2.7b

JoJoJo Fun Players, Here I come with a new DoTA AI Fun version based in the latest unoficial AI version of Ciel. Please enjoy it.
  • Fixed 99% of bugs.
  • Added Orcish Engineer.
  • Added 2 New Fun Items
  • Added ND Mode, It'll make you respawn instantly.
  • Santa Hat in killing spree.
  • Terrain Snow while playing fun mode.
  • Added All DoTA Christmas models
  • WARNING: Use -dm command before -fun to prevent some bugs.
                       Sometimes in 5vs5 Persuasive can give you                                a crash, be careful.
I wish you like it, I will continue working on new improvements and more things to give you more FUN....
As always posts your comments and suggestions, thank you very much for your support.
Please complete the survey "Did you like DoTA 6.77 AI Fun 2.7b?"



JoJoJo Doteros Fun, Les traigo una nueva versión de DoTA AI Fun basada en la ultima version no oficial de Ciel. Por favor disfrutenla
  • Corregidos 99% de los errores.
  • Agregado ingeniero Orco.
  • Agregados 2 nuevos objetos Fun
  • Agregado modo ND, que te hace revivir instantáneamente.
  • Un gorro de Santa por hacer un killing spree.
  • Terreño de nieve al poner modo Fun.
  • Agregados todos los modelos de navidad de DoTA
  • Advertencia: Use -dm antes de -fun para prevenir errores.
                       Algunas veces en 5vs5, Persuasive puede                                   causar un crash, por favor tenga cuidado
Ojalá que les guste, continuaré trabajando en nuevas mejoras y mas cosas para darles mas FUN
Como siempre comenten y mandenme sugerencias, les agradesco mucho su apoyo
Por favor completen la encuesta "Did you like DoTA 6.77 AI Fun 2.7b?"


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  1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  2. I have been wondering, something about the Wolf Hermit's description.

    It says True Weaken, Poisoned Sword, Hermit Greed and Agile Poison. And when I use him his skills are stated as Hermit Roar, Grand Sword, Slayer Steal and Rabid.

    Is there something wrong with my file or is it just and error?

  3. And also, can Tuskar Lancer's attack looks weird. After he throws his lance, it has like 0.5-0.9 second delay then the lance appears. Also an error(?) about his skill descriptions.

    Frost Wave, Chilling Cold, Ice Mirror and Invernal Freeze on the tavern
    Frost Spears, Freezing Bomb, Chilling Cold and Invernal Freeze on the hero.

    A suggestion to this hero's Freezing Bomb [The skill where he becomes a ice missile]. Make the missile speed faster cuz it becomes useless if it's very slow and can't catch up with the target. He's a very cool hero to use. Sorry about double posting and thanks for the FUN content on DOTA, I really liked it!

  4. Heloo, I love your map
    yet still I prefer orinal version than christmas
    which make look abnormal when santa head appear in hero.
    well, that's okay.. don't worry.

    BTW your Fireblade or whatever (ITEM FUN)
    maybe next release, can you make it to
    NON ORB, so ORB heroes can use it..
    also can you make it too MORE IMBA.. ?
    yeah like stealing Health & Mana !!
    that's way more cool ^^

    that my suggestion, if u take it i feel very happy
    but if u hate it, well just ignore it


  5. it's ORIGINAL & it's not HEAD but HAT

  6. LameoX15, sorry for the descriptions, i forgot change them after changed them (those were their original abilities xD), next version will have them fixed.
    I will analyse Tuskar attack to see if its an error, maybe I have to change the proyectile speed, but maybe not a bug .
    You can notice that Freezing Bomb speed has been increased since the last version, i will maybe increase it again, but Freezing Bomb was designed as an evade skill, not an scape or hunting skill. Anyway, I will check the ability to make it better. Thanks for the Feedback

  7. Sheirly Chan, santa's hat was an IceFrog add on the original 6.77, I put it back because of Christmas and Ciel hadn't add it.
    I will check the imbaness of the fun item, I put it orb effect because it was too imba xD
    But maybe I will make its effect stronger because sometimes 20 health*unit*second is not enough, I try to make the map less imba and more balanced, next version the old tavern heros will be stronger.
    Thanks for your Feedback and Happy new Year

    1. I see..
      sory but be honest i'm never play official map DoTA
      I ONLY play your FUN maps or IMBA maps.

      but I choose more Fun Items ^o^
      than Heroes, well it's your choice
      since you are the one maker of FUN map :D

      I'm waiting for Your Next Release XD
      TQ so much Superwaitsum, if not because of you..
      maybe i'd already STOP playing DoTA for a long time
      a go :)

    2. Same I used to play Dota w/ Lan friends but was just a support player. Now I play solo, and wanted to own even offline or with some few pubs games and plus I love fun chars and items, like spongebob and ramza, angelic alliance and etche~like item.

    3. Thanks for prefer my map to original dota :D

  8. Hello friend, i like your fun heroes builds, some heroes in fun tavern sometimes just so weak, please consider tweaking the old heroes tavern.

    And second, the orchish engineer is really good, event though he is is a support, and really hard getting kill point, this hero ability to build tower is awesome, please make the tower stronger or have longer range, since it's useless versus balista or scource mech, i noticed upgrading that skill level only affect on the cooldown, not the channeling like mentioned, this is bug or not?

    and the last for the sake of improvement, please consider changing terrain to more softer look, like green or blue.


    My favorite hero is always the ramza beoulve, please adding cheat to edit or hack ramza job point,.

  9. @ above Ramza is fun and imba, once he got those jobs he needs to adapt to enemy heroes and/or help his teamm8s out. Like most Ramza-fan, you would try to follow geomancer build or time-mage build, more or so; still ur choice that's why it's called -fun modes. C'mon, ramza job points VS. low mana point(mage) to no mana cost to most jobs + primary w/ 2ndary skills.

    I suggest tweak the bugs left for Ramza and others, since I've still gotta try this once I've fixed my home pc, hope there rly rly few left.

    1. Raamza bugs are the most difficult to test, the Raamza bug I've found is with Geomancer's Sandstorm, If you are Sentinel, It'll affect only you, I tried to fix it, but the bug is invincible xD. Please report the bugs if you can

  10. Hello again. i want to reports some minor problems

    1. There is save game glicth. if you save your game when all ability ( included ai ) not in cooldown or ready, when you load your game, the WTF mode will be applied but not detected by gameinfo. i'am not sure about this problem, but it's occurs on every warcraft versions. anyone please try it

    2. Puff the magic dragons, when he is on undead form, the lifesteal is orb effect, so if you are using desolator or any orb effect the lifesteal not working.

    1. 1 Interesting bug, I'll test it in Fun map and original AI map.
      2 I also will test that bug
      Thanks for the bug reporting

  11. i keep getting fatal error when i use the 6.77 AI fun map, but never got it using the 6.74 version... can anyone explain why i am getting this error and how to stop it?

    1. Yes, I've had like 3 of them, It's very difficult to say why is this happening, I'm analysing posible sources, but it seems to have a greater chance in a 5vs5, maybe because of a bugged hero. Thanks for reporting this.

  12. mine always crash at the loading screen... does it have anything to do with warcraft III version? mine was 1.26 i think...

    1. That's a very strange bug, nobody has reported a loading screen crash until now, it should be caused because of your warcraft, but I'll be testing more to see if this is happening. Thanx for reporting this

  13. First, I love the fun maps! I play theses maps more that the official ones. I even played with this map with my friends on multiplayer. My favorite fun hero was Inky.

    Unfortunally, your lastest releases have bugs that have a great impact in the game. The 6.74 I need to reset evey time that someone picks Invoker because his tornado skill trapped the heroes in air. Plus I get annoyed when attribute plus above level 4 and impale style skills don't work. In this version I get several crashes. It's a pity because this version get very nice additions. I hope that you make a version without bugs that have a great impact in the game.

    I suggest you two things to be avaliable in fun mode: A Roshan respawn command and an other boss like Roshan, but more stronger (not too strong like Onyxia from Imba). It will be very fun to play with theses thing in a -ul mode

    How about making a "Make your hero" contest? I believe that this will greatly increase your map popularity (you map deserves more fame!), and may works as a great way to test some hero ideas and custom models. Maybe you can integrate with playdota site, so the people may post your suggestion heroes threads urls. Imagine if one of your heroes goes to the official map!

    The Bat Rider needs to go to the remade tavern, isn't?

    I believe that these crashes happen because of the AI version used. The AI used on 6.74 fun version is a AI made to greatly reduce the memory leaks.

    1. Hi, I will try to release a new revision with some bugfixes soon. The respawn command sounds good and the other boss will be in the next major version (I will try to make it weaker than Onyxia).
      It's a good idea, after releasing the revision, I will make a new contest.
      He didn't change Batriders place because I'm not sure of adding more old heroes.
      I'm working on the crashes xD
      Thanks for your feedback and playing this map :D

  14. Hello Superwaitsum

    may i request a bit.. ?
    can you increase the ESCUTCHEON fun item 3% regen
    to 5% or maybe 7% ?
    cause in dota official regen 7% already release on murloc(slark)
    hehehehe sory for the trouble but i really wait for it if you planning to increase the percent regen.

    BTW NORTROM is Glaive of Wisdom, the picture was broken
    it turning to green image >o<

  15. Fun Stuff will be rebalanced in 2.8
    Thanx for reporting.