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Dota 6.74c AI Fun 2.7

Sorry for the long waiting, I've been sick for an entire week and fixing some persistent bugs.
Finally here is the map, with some fixes and new surprises....

  • Fixed some bugs, including Escutcheon recipe, bugs in Ramza abilities and Puff show less errors.
  • Ramza gains no job points near the Fountain.
  • Added up to 1'000'000 lives on DeathMatch mode (-DM).
  • Added Old Dirge.
  • Added new tavern with 5 new heroes.
  • Formless can copy abilities of new heroes.
  • Added Angelic Alliance
  • Added -ul(Unlimited Level)
WARNING: Use -dm command before -fun to prevent some bugs.

I wish you like it, I will continue working on new improvements and more things to make more FUN....
As always posts your comments and suggestions, thank you very much for your support.
Please complete the survey "Did you like DoTA AI Fun 2.7?"


 Perdón por la larga espera, he estado enfermo durante una semana entera y reparando de algunos errores persistentes.

Finalmente aquí está el mapa, con algunas correcciones y nuevas sorpresas ....


  • Se han solucionado algunos bugs, incluyendo la receta del Escutcheon, errores en las habilidades Ramza y Puff muestran menos errores.
  • Ramza no gana job points cerca de la Fuente.
  • Se ha añadido un máximo de 1'000'000 vidas en el modo Deathmatch (-DM).
  • Añadido Old Dirge.
  • Se ha añadido nueva taberna, con 5 nuevos héroes.
  • Formless puede copiar las habilidades de los héroes nuevos.
  • Se ha añadido la Angelic Alliance
  • Agregado -ul(Nivel Infinito)

ADVERTENCIA: Usar el comando -dm antes de -fun para evitar algunos errores.

Ojalá que les guste, voy a seguir trabajando en nuevas mejoras y más cosas para hacer más divertido (FUN) ....

Como siempre los mensajes a sus comentarios y sugerencias, muchas gracias por su apoyo.


Download Link:
DotA v6.74c AI Fun 2.7.w3x

44 comentarios:

  1. New Heroes:
    - Old Undying
    - Item Master
    - Squarepant
    - Legendary Mammoth
    - ( Something like Rider, forget the name >.< >.< )
    - ( Forget >.< >.< )

  2. well.. your mammoth sure noisy one..
    overall that was amazing..
    however if i can request..
    please make another FUN item more..
    to be honest, i just love your FUN item..
    it so IMBA..
    umm.. i want item that have lifesteal 100%
    n range hero can use it too..
    well.. tq very much for the map ^^

  3. GREAT THANKS for the -dm,sorry for being a pain in the ass=)

  4. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  5. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    1. Why your comment is forbidden??
      Haha.. Please don't annoying or trolling ==""

    2. no no no
      i erased my comment
      well.. i never play -DM
      in dota before..
      so when i tries for the first time play with DM mode
      i get surprised.. i suddenly won even the throne
      doesn't destroyed yet.. first in my mind, i think there's a bug.. but when i tried to browsing in internet
      i found the fact of DM mode, is whos hero already defeated
      on 38 times their team will lose..
      so.. what i do is totally wrong..
      i ask SWS abaout what happening to his map
      why suddenly won even the throne doesn't destroyed
      in DM mode..
      then i erased my comment.. cuz i already found
      the answer..

  6. thankyouuuuuuu!!!!! you are simply the best!!!!

  7. The bug on Ramza (Geomancer Job sandstorm effect) is still in this version. It only works against the scourge. So if you're Ramza on the scourge's team w/ Geomancer job and gains sandstorm, casts it and ur silenced and can't attack when the Sentinel team should've been the one affected but only the scourge are affected when it should be the other way around when ur on the scourge team.

  8. i've 1 question about your angelic alliance..
    it's said " No cooldown + No mana cost " right..
    but when i tried to Viper(skill 1) or Lesrac (skill ulti) or medusa (skill 2)
    it seems not working.. the mana still
    decreased.. may i know.. why.. ?
    can u fix that?

    1. Add to the list Storm Spirit's (ball lightning ulti)...

      @Rin: An easy answer could be that it maybe based on -wtf command (on -test mode) and "thereisnospoon" cheat on singleplayer mode (Non-LAN games). I myself want this fixed and I suggest use a continuously increasing buffer similar in the buffer effect for soul ring. An easier alternative would be to make the mana regen extremely high for a similar effect. Hope Superwaitsum will fix it anyhow.

    2. many heroes have skill like that..
      well.. SWS our wish in your hand..

  9. Because SWS dunno the trig..
    Time every 0.02
    Refresh cooldown and mana to all units..
    Hope you add this.. :D :D

  10. Nice job! But atribute bonus works not correctly :(

  11. thank you for your hard work, really enjoy playing it thanks :)

  12. Where i can find -UL??
    It doesn't preview anymore :) :)

  13. Hey! Is there anyway to add "-funhnengem" into the command? so it will much more fair to me? Without the command.When i am lvl 4 the AI will be lvl 6 or 7...

    1. you must add it separately
      if u feel bored to typing it
      then use dotatoolkit..
      simple .

  14. I've found some bugs.
    -Invoker's Tornado makes any unit that get caught in tornado permanently fly in the air.
    -All heros Att Bonus Stats increase only 12 pts at skill lv 4-10

  15. I've found some bug.
    -Wolf Hermit does not respawn after I was killed.

  16. I think I found some bugs~
    -Old Riki = When bought items sometimes it will dissapear from your inventory slot... and when you bought Power thread's 3 recipe. "Boot Of Speed + Boot Of Elvins + Glove Of Haste" It won't become Power Thread,I Have to drop the items and collect random and only it will combine and become Power Thread...

  17. Really sad.. 'cos I haven't play the fun map at all.. it just crash at the loading screen..

    Never had any trouble though with the previous fun map..

  18. hmm..
    i read the post
    & still have many bugs..
    it's very dissapointed.
    did you working alone for this?
    if so, then you must find many friends
    of yours and working together..
    it seems it'll have a less bugs than working alone..
    just suggestion..
    cuz everything when doing together
    will more easy & perfect.

  19. Haha LoL'z.. you just request.. You should learn JASS to help SWS..

    1. if you can, then help him..
      make 1 map, w/o many bugs..
      i say that it's not i hate his work
      no.. absolutely no..
      i very apreciate his work..
      i say this just wanna know
      is SWS work alone or what..
      if alone then better cooperation with fren
      or something..
      if i can, i'll happily help him..
      too bad i can't, that's why i make a suggestion .

    2. I don't know too.. I don't learn JASS I just know GUI and MUI only..

  20. just curious, we type - fun for the fun heroes right? I usually play with AI, but the AI never pick any heroes from fun tavern, only normal tavern
    is there any way for AI to use heroes from fun tavern? and -ar or -random works for only fun tavern too? or maybe all tavern
    coa whenever i pick -ar, it always choose from normal tavern

    me and my friends just want to play the new unusual character hehe

    thanks anyway, this is my 1st time playing ur map, so if it was explained in previous version, i didnt know about it

    1. -pe and -pa commmands are available at the start. for succeeding heroes for AI such as in deathmatch, i think in this version it's just automatically chosen beyond the initial pick. it's nc to pick succeeding heroes as well though.

    2. just discovered a bug when you tried to make the ai pick randomly from fun tavern via "-fun" then then wait the pick counter then "-pe" or "-pa" then "-random fun"... after the enemy computer randoms a fun hero, you wont have a chance to pick your own -_- all tavern will be empty after the AI randoms w/ u typing -fun random for him. And if you have more than one AI set, you can't pick for then AI on that team, and you can't even pick for the other team if you tried -px first then -pa or otherwise.

    3. I never heard -pe or -pa before, i googled dota command and there's no such command. can anybody explain what pe and pa means?
      lets say i want me and all ai are randomed from the fun tavern only, what should i type?
      -fun and then -random fun?
      or -fun then -pe/pa?
      and what is px also >.<

    4. you can't find -pe(choose AI enemies)/-pa(AI allies) commands in official dota commands coz they're only available on some unofficial dota AImaps; Refer to this post for these AImap commands:


      "-random fun", as i said in the above post, is only working for the first chosen hero whether it's ai OR urself. I hope in nxt version it'll be fixed for more than 1 random hero pick.

    5. ah isee
      i wish also in the nest release we can pick -ar for all tavern, or maybe just fun tavern. it would be great if we can do both hehe
      thanks for your answer

  21. thanks for the map :D
    and for skill copying by formless that incrase or decrease att didn't work anymore
    is it supposed to be??
    nortrom - last word > doesn't incrase intelligence when kill enimies
    slark - essence shift > enemies doesn't decrease att

    by the way new hero rizzrak - reactive armor > armor doesn't incrase
    but tresdin - duel > damage increased

    hope this can be help for your future released ^_^

  22. Bug report:
    All skills based on 'impale' (, burrowstrike, ravage) don't have stun duration (victims recover right after landed)

  23. Bug report:
    - Enigma ; 'malefice' skill not mini-stunning
    - Lifestealer ; 'open wounds' debuff visual and tooltip persist even after the actual effect wears off
    - Wolf Hermit ; activating 'true weaken' sometimes also additionally give the 'agile poison' ability (without causing the 'agile poison' skill being used up)

  24. Bug report:
    - Kappa with Agha = Ulti won't work but has lower cooldown and increase % of the attribute but won't give perma attr to Kappa and target ally.

  25. Fatal Bugs FOUND !!
    1. Formless buy Aghanim = Game Crash !!
    2. All Stun Skills(*Lion impale, anub'arak impale, etc..) = Stun duration removed !!

  26. 3. Balanar skill slot 3 = skill pandaren
    which only slower not silence..

    4. Balanar sometime have a buff (*like axe) which not vanish even until the games end.