Simplified Codes Table

Hero Skills
Formless (H500) A500,A501,A502,A503
Bastion (H600) A550,A551,A552,A553 (A55T with Scepter)
Felguard (H700,H701,H702,H703) A9ZG,A9ZH,A9ZJ,A9ZU
Cloud (H704) A9H9,A9HE,A9HD,A9HF
Ricky (H705,H706,H707,H708) A9FE,A9FF,A9FH,A9FI
Frash (H709) A9LV,A9LX,A9LZ,A9M1
Offender (H710) A9E6,A9E9,A9EB,A9EF
Rawrzi (H711) A9D4,A9DH,A9DI,A9DJ (A9M8 with Scepter)
Puff (H712) A9GD,A9GJ,A9GU,A9H1
Puff (H713) A9GE,A9GK,A9GV,A9H3
Puff (H714) A9GF,A9GL,A9GW,A9H4
Puff (H715) A9GG,A9GM,A9GX,A9H6
Puff (H716) A9GH,A9GN,A9GY,A9H7
Puff (H717) A9GI,A9GO,A9GZ,A9H8
Conjurer (H718) A31Q,A31R (the golem boulder skill code is A31Y),A31S,A31T (A31U with Scepter)
Boomerwang (H719) A9KA (the 3 sub skills are A9KA,A9KB,A9KC),A9KD,A9KE,A9KW
Intimidator (H720) A9MT,A9MU,A9MV,A9MY
Rider (H721) A9KY,A9L0,A9L1,A9L2
Gambler (H722) A9EM,A9EN,A9EO,A9EP
Old N’aix (H723) A9DO,A9DP,A9DQ,A9DR
Old Medusa (H724) A9NW,A9O4,A9O5,A9O6 (A9O7 with Scepter)
Old Invoker (H725) Where should I start…
Avatar of Vengeance (H726) A9PU,A9PV (Reality is A9PX),A9PY,A9Q0 (Direct Vengeance is A9Q3)
God of Wind (H727) A9LB,A9LC,A9LE,A9LF
Inky (H728) A329(Mark Target),A32A,A32B,A32D,A32E
Old Silencer (H729) A9DS,A9DT,A30J,A30K
Old Morphling (H730) A9EU,A9HU,A9EV,A9EX
Old Stealth Assassin (H731) A9EY,A9HU,A9F0,A9F1
Hamsterlord (H732) A9JP,A9JR,A9JU,A9JZ (Grenade = A9K5)
Astral Trekker (H733) A9RC,A9RD,A9RE,A9RF
Void Demon (H734) A9JF,A9JH,A9JI,A9JJ
Old Lightning Revenant (H735) A9RL,A9RM,A9RN,A9RK
Disruptor (H736) A9RO,A9RQ,A9RR,A9RS
Persuasive (H737) A9RT,A9RU,A9RV,A9RW
Mana Fiend (H738) A9RZ,A9S0,A9S1,A9S2
Templar (H739) A9S3,A9S5,A9S4,A9S6
Cleric (H740) A9S7,A9SA,A9SB,A9SH
Old Butcher (H741) A9SL,A9SP,A9SQ,A9SU (A9SZ with Scepter)
Old Holy Knight (H742) A9T4,A9T5,A9T6,A9T7
Flame Lord (H743) A9TL,A9TM,A9TN,A9TO (A9TP with Scepter)
Bat Rider (H744,H745) A9T8,A9T9 (Fly Down = A9TA),A9TB,A9TD
Old Storm Spirit (H746) A9TW,A9TX,A9TY,A9TZ
Ramza(H747) Is it posible to write?
Old Dirge (H748) A9HV,A9HW,A9HX,A9HY
Item Master (H900) A7A0,A7A1,A7A2,A7A3 (A7A4 with Scepter)
SquarePants (H901) A7A5,A7A6,A7A7,A7A8(A7A9 with Scepter)
Legendary Mammoth (H902) A7AA,A7AB,A7AC,A7AD
Tuskar Lancer (H903) A7AE,A7AF,A7AG,A7AH(A7AI with Scepter)
Wolf Hermit (H904) A7AJ,A7AK,A7AL,A7AM
Orcish Engineer (H906) A7AR,A7AS,A7AT,A7AU(A7AV with Scepter)