miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

DoTA 6.77b AI 1.1.7 Fun 2.7c

Hi, Dota Gamers!!!, here i share my latest version of Dota AI Fun.
This version has been designed to be rock stable, no more fatal errors (at least most xD)

  • Removed Christmas theme
  • Added Terrain Snow (-ts)
  • Ported some of the changes of 6.77b (not all)
  • Fixed game crashes
  • Now -airepick work properly
  • Fixed some tooltips
  • Added +jp, which will give 250 jp while in -test (remember, is +, not -)
  • Now -random fun will work with latest heros
  • Fixed some formless bugs
  • Now you will see the fun items clearly
  • WARNING: Use -dm command before -fun to prevent some bugs.
                       Sometimes in 5vs5 Persuasive can give you                                a crash, be careful.

Things that are not bugs:
-Fireblood blade is orb effect

Unfixable bug:
Raamza job Geomancer's sandstorm while you are Sentinel, affects only you. (This ability will be fixed or reworked in the next version)

Next version will be focused on balance changes and new features

COMING SOON, a new contest...

Remember to play this version if you LOVE DoTA!!!


Hola Doteros!, aqui les traigo la última version del DoTA AI Fun
 Esta version ha sido diseñada para ser muy estable, no mas errores fatales (al menos la mayoría xD)

  • Removido el tema navideño
  • Agregado Terrain Snow (-ts)
  • Agregados algunos de loss cambios de la version 6.77b (no todos)
  • Arreglados los crashes
  • Ahora -airepick trabaja correctamente
  • Arregladas algunas descripciones
  • Agregado +jp, que dará 250 jp mientras se está con -test (recuerden, es +, no -)
  • Ahora -random fun funcionará con los últimos héroes
  • Arrreglados algunos errores de Formless
  • Ahora prodrá ver los objetos fun claramente
  • Advertencia: Use -dm antes de -fun para prevenir errores.
                       Algunas veces en 5vs5, Persuasive puede                                   causar un crash, por favor tenga cuidado

Error sin reparar:
La tormenta del Geomancer (trabajo de Raamza) solo funciona mientras eres Scourge. (Esta abilidad será reparada o cambiada la próxima version)

PROXIMAMENTE, un nuevo concurso...

La siguiente versión estará enfocada en cambios de balance y nuevas cosas

Recuerden jugar esta versión si AMAN el DoTA!!!

Download Link:

11 comentarios:

  1. Armlet of Mordigan give +5 hp/sec, not +8 :-(
    But very big thanks, good job!

  2. Thank you this was posted to dota-downloads.com Spreading the word...

  3. Thank you very much for keeping FUN mode staying up and kicking. Love it, even the smallest updates mean big to us :D

  4. you sure forget what you talk to me before this map release..
    no change about fireblade blood.. ?
    you say you want to increase it hp transfer from 40 to higher..
    but where.. ?

    1. Sorry for not increasing the hp tranfer, this version is only a stability patch, as I said: "Next version will be focused on balance changes". Don´t worry, next version will have several balance changes:) .

  5. i feel this release not change anything physically.. i mean you just change a mere bug and ignore the fun items effect..
    it's not i dislike it but i feel i play with
    the same map like before, there is no big change that i can enjoy it.

    well thx for the effort release this map..

    1. Yes, this release is only an stability patch.
      Thanks for playing it!

  6. Ouwh.. I see so this is for stability patch..
    no wonder there's no big change about it.
    well then i wait for your next release..
    please remember to modif some fun items
    tq very much

  7. ramza secondary skill bug
    all secondary skill can be choosen even job requirement not meet
    and when secondary skill changed, it can't be used.

  8. OMG! My favorite Formless's skill cannot function properly when met on drow ranger, nevermore, silencer, slark, butcher...

    Formless skills not suppose be able to copy every hero's skill? Why now seems like more and more skills stated cannot be learnt, or such as drow ranger and silencer, skills like adding intelligent when kill or damage aura learnt but no effect on formless...

    hope these bugs be fixed because formless is really an interesting hero when playing 5 V 1~

    Thanks ya~