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DotA Allstars 6.70c AI Rev2 Fun 2.5 Released!

Here I present the next version of Dota, as I promised, an improved version of DotA 6.70c AI Rev2 of PBMN, incorporating BuffMePlz Fun Mode, adapted by Overflow and added the older heroes that wasn't in my last version.
In this version, I have basically adapted the Fun Mode in the 6.70c AI version and added more heroes.
In the game just type -fun to activate the Fun Mode.

List of Changes:
-Fun Mode incorporated, from PBMN DotA 6.70c AI Rev2.
-36 Heroes in Fun Mode.
-Fixed all bugs in Formless and Old Morphling to copy abilities of other heroes of Fun Mode.
-Added Scepter to some Fun heroes.
-There is a bug when the Scepter is dropped down, it will mysteriously disappear. So for now, don't drop the Scepter.
I Hope You Enjoy It!
I wish you a Happy International Workers' Day!

Aquí les presento la siguiente versión de DotA como prometí, una versión mejorada del Dota 6.70c AI Rev2 de PBMN, incorporando el Fun Mode de BuffMePlz, adaptado por Overflow y con la adición de los antiguos héroes que no fueron incluidos en mi anterior versión.
En esta versión básicamente se ha adaptado el Fun Mode en la versión 6.70c AI y añadido más héroes.
En el juego ingresar -fun para activar el Fun Mode.

Lista de Cambios:
-Incorporado Fun Mode al DotA 6.70c AI Rev2 de PBMN.
-36 héroes del Fun Mode.
-Reparados todos los errores de Formless y Old Morphling para copiar habilidades de otros héroes del Fun Mode.
-Añadido el Cetro para algunos héroes del Fun Mode.
-Existe un error cuando se deja el Cetro en el suelo, el cuál desaparece misteriosamente. Así que por ahora no arrojen el Cetro.

¡Espero Que Lo Disfruten!

¡Les deseo un Feliz Día Internacional del Trabajo!

Download Link:

DotA 6.70c AI Rev2 Fun 2.5.w3x

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  1. Sorry for the bugs, there are a lot of bugs in the DotA AI 6.70c of PBMN, and I can't fix all of them. Be patient until the next release of PBMN. It will be better and with less errors.

  2. post the tavern codes and ability codes of all fun heroes.. so i can edit them in my customkeys thx

  3. here are the bugs i found.
    1. when i press b it uses mana rift instead of abandon.
    2. u can create magic hammer with only lvl 1 diffusal. and if you used a charge on lvl 2 diffusal it wont create it.
    3. disruptor has a probem with reflect.

  4. Thank you kevin for the bugs you found, I will try to fix them for a next release. There are very interesting.....

    And jeartrixz, I have no problem to give you the codes, but I don't understand you need them to edit custom keys.....@_@

    I will post it soon, please wait...

  5. oh and also attack animation of old razor is the same with the new one.. the old one has red lightning i think.

  6. the berserk of cleric is kinda buggy...

  7. Thanks to Kevin for the information. I want also to ask jeartrixz, what is exactly the bug with the berserk. It would be fine if you were a little more specific..... Thanks

  8. i also noticed the new razor's 1st skill has no visual effect, and thnx for the map.

  9. what i mean is it doesnt attack it just stay where he is berseked.. but the description says it will attack nearest opponent or allies...

    btw you need to be active in playdota forums cause theres so many response there unlike here in your blog...

    and can you add ramza the smexy fun hero of all times.. xD

  10. I found some bugs:

    - The ice chest don't have animation to activate

    - The 1st skill of the new razor also have animation

    - At the start of the game after select mode and hero, the fun tavern is dark and you can't see the recipes of the fun items

    - Sometimes IA buy items and leave them lying on the source

    - The formless powers heroes copying function is disordered order powers (Test copying the Faith of beowulf)

    - In wtf, Puff the dragon his skills have cooldown

    Possible new hero

    Old Meepo
    Almost the same as the current with the same powers

    But besides sharing the boot that all meepos have their own inventory
    1 Slot shared (boot), 5 free slots for each Meepo

    With blue scepter
    2 Slot shared (boot and any item), 4 free Slots for each Meepo

    The map is excellent

    ///Texto Original\\\

    Encontre algunos errores

    - La pechera de hielo no tiene animacion al activarla

    - El 1st skill del nuevo razor tampoco

    - Al empezar la partida se oscurecen las tavernas fun y no se puede ver las recipes de los item fun

    - Algunas veces los AI compran items y los dejan tirados en la fuente

    - El formless al copiar poderes de heroes fun se desordena el orden de los poderes
    (proba copiando el faith de beowulf)

    - En wtf, Puff el dragon al cambiar de forma sus poderes tienen cooldown

    Posible nuevo heroe

    Old Meepo
    Casi lo mismo que el actual, mismos poderes

    Pero ademas de compartir la bota que todos los mepos tengan su propio inventario
    1 Slot compartido (bota), 5 Slots libres para cada meepo

    Con cetro azul
    2 Slot comparidos (bota y cualquier item), 4 Slots libres para cada mepo

    El mapa esta excelente sigue adelante

  11. Wow....... thank you for all that bugs. There is also a bug with the Disruptor, that after using Mind Control, sometimes, the AI controls your hero and move and buy items itsself. I will try to fix that.

    I don't mind if your comments are in English or Spanish, so if it's more confortable for you to leave them in spanish, do it...

    Gracias nuevamente por los errores que has encontrado..... y no confien mucho en el traductor de google....

    Please, continue with your comments, reviews and bugs....

  12. please add ramza! its the funnyest hero I ever see... and the AI of the .59 version where you can play it realy sucks :S and the old items sucks too... pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaseeee add ramza!!

  13. some easy to input and helpfull functions:
    1. Make new random commands:
    a)one that will random a hero only from fun taverns
    b)another that will random a hero from all taverns (normal and fun)
    2. Make -oilon command (it should print oldinvokerlist but don't fade, untill -clear command is used, so -oil will be always displayed)
    3.Give a Aghanim for Old Invoker (come on... it won't take you too long just lower cooldown)
    4. Add supporting item that will be containing all auras(mekansm, cuirass, jango, vlad's damage, vlad's lifesteal, shiva's, and pipe) boosted a little, and also will have active heal/mana restore/spell protection skill:) with stats coresponding to all items above)

    i can't remember anything else... first 3 are really easy and you should be able to do it in one day. So please just release a little hotfix with them...

    as for 4th... might be harder